Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Photos!

Ok ok, so here are a few more edited photos that I have been working on, just like to share them with you all! The little girl hated my guts! She thought that I was the meanest woman in the entire world, I mean who makes you dress up in a chicken outfit and takes you outside to take pictures! How rude am I? haha, just joking. I am doing a few jobs here and there and would love to make more of a business out of it. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Ok so here was the question I recieved....."If there was a statue to honor you, what would it be made of and what victory would it commemorate?" Here is my response....
Statue in my Honor? Wow, intense. Ok so it will be made of a few various things...It would be composed of Stainless Steel For a few reasons, 1 because I view myself to have a tough exterior, durable, and when something gets thrown on me it is easily wiped away. The inside of the statue will be made of coal...don't jump to conclusions...the reason is because the more years I experience in my life I believe shape and mold me and will in turn make me more beautiful like a diamond. Where my heart is supposed to be there will be a picture of my family because they are the one thing I depend on to live. My mouth will be an MP3 player playing my favorite music, religious and non religious because that is what brings me peace and happiness. In the palm of my hand the word "Hope" will be engraved because most of my life so far I have held on to Hope. The victory it will commemorate is simply surviving. Surviving everything life threw at you, you threw at yourself, and doing your best to put it all together to make sense.

I just pictured's not a pretty statue!! But hey, it is what it is. So I pose the same question to you.

Shout out!!!!

Ok ok, so I have got to give a BIG shout out to my Wonderful sisters and Awesome Mother!! I finally learned how to lift pictures from other blogs and I stole this one from my moms! Lol...anywho, they surprised me on my birthday by coming down to Pocatello and taking me out to lunch!! It was the best surprise ever and I couldn't stop smiling, I love my sisters soooooo much (and of course the mother!) We had a great time at Chilli's and got rather close to each other because it literally took like 30 minutes to get this one They then proceeded to shower me with gifts that I needed sooooo bad like smelly good lotion and candles and under tank tops and socks, it was the best! We then went Bowling and I will tell you what, my mom is one fierce competitor..she got a Turkey! For all you non bowlers it means 3 strikes IN A ROW!! We about died! I believe Aimee did too but that's no surprise, she's an athlete through and through! Every smell was making poor Ranay dry heave (she's pregnant) and Me, Marisa, and Tiff were ripping it up with our Spare and Strike -O-meters. Haha! It turned out to be the best Birthday ever. I love my Family!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Having fun!

So I recruited Spence and Carrie and the boys to be my Family that I practice Family shots on, we had a great time and here are a few pics....
They have been so good to me and Dane ever since we have known them! Always feeding us, bbq's, going out, giving me a chance to be a big sis (I don't have any younger brothers or sisters!) and hanging out playing games, sports, laser tag, watching movies, they are our Family here and I am grateful for all the great memories!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Picture Practice

So I am working on becoming a decent photographer and here are some of my latest pics that I have done! I love this baby, she is so cute, she wasn't very happy with me but we made it through... It was a lot of fun and I am discovering that I really do enjoy photography. It is definitely something I see myself pursuing and I can't wait to get better and better! Hope you enjoy the pics!