Saturday, April 19, 2008

Job hunt!

We went to Boise for a job interview and had a great time! We both got to get dressed nice and when the interview was over we went to a Basketball game. I got these pics of the halftime entertainment because they blew me away...and yes, they were jumping off trampolines!

The Biggest Loser!

Wow, this was amazing! I am so proud of everyone in my family that participated in this and I think that you have all taken something valuable away from this. I am so happy that I have a family that loves each other and loves to do things like this together! Ranay and Tiff were the grand prize winners! yayayay! And Derick won the drawing for 250 dollars! Well earned, everyone worked so hard. There's also a few pics of just family hanging out, Natalie and Nathan were inseperable, Tyler was a little crack up, and Jessica and Hannah rocked out in guitar hero! Good times and I love my family!!!!!

I'm Back!

Sorry it's been a while since I've blogged...i'm a blog slacker! Things have been so busy with work and Dane's school that we have been going 100 mph and believe me it's hard to blog when you are going that fast! Dane's Mom came out for his birthday during spring break and we had a great time! They don't look alike do they? She was showing me her basketball skills and they were as you can see very good! Texas Roadhouse is always a must! We had a good time with her out there and only wished she was closer!