Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family fun!!

Ok we had a family get together on Memorial day, so fun! From Top to Bottom...Nephews..wow, boys will be boys, spying on the neighbors! ha ha! Next is Abby! So adorable, she loves to pose for the camera, so this was one of many. Next we got the two Yay-hoos as my mom said about me and my sister when we were younger, but this is Hannah and Jess, cousins, hilarious! They are cute friends. Then Dane and his little shadow, whenever we hang with the family, my nephew Tyler always runs to Dane first, totally shafts me and loves being with his uncle Dane. Next is Tanner, he will always smile for me when I ask and the little dude will hold it til the cows come home. So cute. Then Spencer, I told him to smile and he poked his eye for a good 2 minutes...not exactly what I was looking for but adorable all together!
Next the kids love to play on the swingset, so cute! Natalie is next, she also smiles good for the camera, she is such a sweetheart, really quick to give hugs..I love em! Nathan is next, you say smile and the boy cheeses it out, he has done this before! ha ha, cutie. My mom and dad are next, so in love and so cute. I love them. Dane is after that, looking like a model...woo hoo he is a hottie! But more importantly a great guy. Next is my bro with his new baby girl Brianna, (don't know exactly the spelling) but she is adorable, so tiny and just a beautiful girl. Last but not least is my sister who is pregnant, giving us attitude! Love it Sis!! She looks great and I can't wait until I have another nephew!