Saturday, August 29, 2009

Congrats La Naia!

This is Dane's little sister! She is having a baby girl sometime in October and while we were down in California we got to go to her baby shower! So fun! She looks adorable with her little baby belly and she is going to name her Aaliyah Monet...beautiful! We wish her the best and love her very much!


My gorgeous Mother in law!

Granny! Hopefully they will move out here!

This is one of Dane's good friends from growing up! Aren't they handsome? They were fun to see together laughing and joking about old times!

Group Fitness Convention!

So this year the convention was in Anaheim! SOOOO fun! We got to take all sorts of classes, including one by Tony Horton (P90X) as well as a FAME class with choreography from the upcoming movie...So fun! I have been doing this with my mom for years and this was our last one together...:-(. I can't tell you how fun it is to be able to share this passion with my mom and to be able to take hip hop classes together and work it out! I have the best mom!

Waiting for P.F delicious

The view from our hotel room!

This was our first night! little did we know just how much fun we would have!

Monday, August 24, 2009

New pics coming soon!

I promise! I'm just sooo busy! Priorities...oh p.s. Check out my photo blog for my cousins wedding!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hey you!

Hey you....yea you....have you checked out my photography blog lately? lol...go to it, starting to get more pics would love for you to check them out! Go to I will try to update more!


Ok so this is phase one of our "remodeling" of our townhouse! We thought that the bathroom would be the easiest to start with so that's where we did! Dane did such a good job changing out the faucet, Lights, etc..he had never done that before and he did it like a pro! Plus, believe it or not, He picked out the light fixture, ah heck, most of the decorations! He's the man! So here's some pics!

Ah the Toilet paper holder and the new waste basket...lovely!!

Dane got the mat that actually matched perfect with everything...i must say great job

Will you ever believe we got this at Lowe's for $7.00? Yes, this is not a dollars! haha, it's a great story

These are the little light switch thingys he picked out! Lol, I would have never thought of it!

This is the faucet we both picked out, loved it the best!

Here is our clock we already had, but Dane picked out the towells!

We had this pic of a map of Bermuda that looked great against that red

Here is an out side view of it all!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

To Bone and Back!

There is a race that I love to do that is called To Bone and Back! It is such a fun relay race and this year turned out to be great! Here are a few pics! From Top to bottom, this is who ran what leg...
1- Kim Scwarze, my Boss
2- Kory Wheatley, My other boss's friend
3-Sharla Dobson, the wife of a PT I work with
5-Kayla friend!!!
6- Derrick Northrup, My other boss
7- Cameron Taylor, my "little brother"
8- Amanda Moon, friend!

It was a blast, thank you all for running! ok just realized the pics are backwards, 1 starts down here and 8 is all the way at the top!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family fun!!

Ok we had a family get together on Memorial day, so fun! From Top to, boys will be boys, spying on the neighbors! ha ha! Next is Abby! So adorable, she loves to pose for the camera, so this was one of many. Next we got the two Yay-hoos as my mom said about me and my sister when we were younger, but this is Hannah and Jess, cousins, hilarious! They are cute friends. Then Dane and his little shadow, whenever we hang with the family, my nephew Tyler always runs to Dane first, totally shafts me and loves being with his uncle Dane. Next is Tanner, he will always smile for me when I ask and the little dude will hold it til the cows come home. So cute. Then Spencer, I told him to smile and he poked his eye for a good 2 minutes...not exactly what I was looking for but adorable all together!
Next the kids love to play on the swingset, so cute! Natalie is next, she also smiles good for the camera, she is such a sweetheart, really quick to give hugs..I love em! Nathan is next, you say smile and the boy cheeses it out, he has done this before! ha ha, cutie. My mom and dad are next, so in love and so cute. I love them. Dane is after that, looking like a model...woo hoo he is a hottie! But more importantly a great guy. Next is my bro with his new baby girl Brianna, (don't know exactly the spelling) but she is adorable, so tiny and just a beautiful girl. Last but not least is my sister who is pregnant, giving us attitude! Love it Sis!! She looks great and I can't wait until I have another nephew!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Have you said "Thank you" Lately?

I don't usually get mushy on the blog because it is hard for me to open up at times, but I feel like it is ok to open up every once in while.  Now this will be the Inner Jen speaking lol, so i'll try to leave the funny comments and jokes out.  As most of you know, I am a Physical Therapist Assistant and I do home health.  There is such a variety of people that I see and as we do therapy, I like to talk to them and get to know them a bit.  I hear story after story about what happens to these people in a lifetime (and You can only believe the sane ones...dang it..there goes a joke..sorry)  but it makes me realize on a daily basis about how blessed I really am.  It breaks my heart when a patient is all alone with no family to visit, or to take care of them, or to call.  I see kids with various problems and it makes me think of my nieces and nephews and how grateful I am that they are healthy like they are.  I have my legs, my hands, my arms, my eyes, and I don't face physical pain on a daily basis.  I have never lost a child, or watched as my family got in a wreck, or had to send my husband off to war only to never see him again.  I could go on and on but I don't want to lose your attention.  We all have problems, health issues, family issues...etc.  But if you can call one person when you are in trouble and need help and know they will be there, then you are blessed.  If you could put on your own clothes today, then you are blessed.  If your child can run outside and play, then consider yourself blessed.  I will always be grateful for what I have and I am glad that I get reminded of that on a daily basis.  So this is my thanks for today, my thanks for what I have in my life.  

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Par 5!

Ok so Dane and I have been learning how to Golf and we are really enjoying it! Here are just a few pics I managed to shoot as we were golfing last week with our friends Holly and Kila! Golf is so relaxing and fun, I recommend it to anyone.