Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hey you!

Hey you....yea you....have you checked out my photography blog lately? lol...go to it, starting to get more pics would love for you to check them out! Go to simmonsphotos81.blogspot.com I will try to update more!


Ok so this is phase one of our "remodeling" of our townhouse! We thought that the bathroom would be the easiest to start with so that's where we did! Dane did such a good job changing out the faucet, Lights, etc..he had never done that before and he did it like a pro! Plus, believe it or not, He picked out the light fixture, ah heck, most of the decorations! He's the man! So here's some pics!

Ah the Toilet paper holder and the new waste basket...lovely!!

Dane got the mat that actually matched perfect with everything...i must say great job

Will you ever believe we got this at Lowe's for $7.00? Yes, this is not a typo..seven dollars! haha, it's a great story

These are the little light switch thingys he picked out! Lol, I would have never thought of it!

This is the faucet we both picked out, loved it the best!

Here is our clock we already had, but Dane picked out the towells!

We had this pic of a map of Bermuda that looked great against that red

Here is an out side view of it all!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

To Bone and Back!

There is a race that I love to do that is called To Bone and Back! It is such a fun relay race and this year turned out to be great! Here are a few pics! From Top to bottom, this is who ran what leg...
1- Kim Scwarze, my Boss
2- Kory Wheatley, My other boss's friend
3-Sharla Dobson, the wife of a PT I work with
5-Kayla Bolton...my friend!!!
6- Derrick Northrup, My other boss
7- Cameron Taylor, my "little brother"
8- Amanda Moon, friend!

It was a blast, thank you all for running! ok just realized the pics are backwards, 1 starts down here and 8 is all the way at the top!